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“Miami Variations – the future of
Miami’s peoples and climate”

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics Application

Name the teacher who introduced you to PIANO SLAM:

Please write 1 sentence describing what VARIATIONS are occurring in your life?

Please write 1 sentence describing how do you see your future in Miami?

Please write 1 sentence describing life, home, environment, and the ocean?

Did you attend a PIANO SLAM workshop at your school this year?
If your answer is NO, have you attended a PIANO SLAM workshop in the past?
What kind of music do you like? (You can choose more than one.)
Does your music reflect your heritage?
Have you been to a live concert before?

If yes, who was performing and where did they perform?

What kind of art do you most closely relate to?
Are you considering a career in the music or arts business?

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