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About Piano Slam

PIANO SLAM is a poetry-on-music competition for teenagers that integrates their love for music with academics.
What is it? PIANO SLAM is a poetry-on-music competition for teenagers that integrates their love for music with academics. Why? The program gives teenagers hope for academic improvement, self-confidence, and connection to the community. How? Through live performances and arts integrated education in English language (STEAM), and social studies during the school day. The finals at the stage of the Arsht Center, showcase teenagers’ love for music and winning poetry.

For 17 years, the Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation’s PIANO SLAM has been a highly successful Classical performance and education program, and annual poetry and Spoken Word competition which has brought live Classical 2 piano performances to classrooms and uses music as a tool to learn core subjects in Miami-Dade public middle and high schools.


PIANO SLAM uses every student’s connection and love of music to develop language in arts-integrated learning models and academic concepts through creative writing.


PIANO SLAM deepens and sustains student growth through extensive teacher professional development in Classical music and creative writing for curriculum and classroom activity development for both language arts and STEM subjects.

17 Years of Growing Success

in Miami-Dade Middle and High Schools





Educators and






  • Throughout the school year, we work with Miami-Dade Public School educators/administrators to produce Music/Language and Music/STEM curriculum and programs that are integrated into ongoing classroom activities.

  • All Science and STEM curriculum provided by the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences and references the ocean and waters around Miami

  • Educators and artists give classical music and poetry and music and science’ writing workshops for teachers.

  • Teachers receive continuing education credit from the State of Florida for their participation.

  • Dranoff Competition 2 Piano winners come from around the world to give classical piano performances at schools in predominantly resource-poor neighborhoods.

  • Students invited to write poetry about Live classical music they heard in school or use musical terms to describe life experience or scientific concepts for a County-wide writing competition.

  • Nationally Published poets select the winning poets of the contest.  

  • Students receive individual coaching for writing, public appearance and performance

  • Finalists perform with professional ensemble of international classical musicians and local artists at one of the U.S. premier performing arts center – the Adrienne Arsht Center.

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For 34 years, the Dranoff 2 Piano has been the world’s leading organization to champion exclusively two piano classical repertoire and artistry. It is the only international foundation, accredited by the World Federation of International Music Competitions, to discover, promote, and award honors to top professional duo piano classical artists through its competition, commissions, and presentations of duo piano concerts. The Dranoff promotes awareness to a new generation of students of the transformational power of classical music and the arts through its multi-disciplinary, educational, and inspirational concert program, PIANO SLAM.

Dranoff 2 Piano – Florida’s Gateway
to the World of Music


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