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For Teachers

Your student can be the #1 poet in MDCPS

and be supported for better schoolwork with high-level
Florida Standard classroom resources through PIANO SLAM.

Teacher Resources

All the rules and opportunities for your students to enter and win the PIANO SLAM poetry competition, and Music & Arts integrated classroom activities.

Download the Teacher Professional

Development Packet

Teacher Resource Poem:
Catherine Esposito Prescott

Teacher Resource Poem:
Richard Blanco

Teacher Resource Poem:
Paul Hlava Ceballos

Teacher Resource Packet:

Caridad Moro-Gronlier

Miami Heat Science
Jane Gilbert, Chief Heat Officer, Miami Dade County

Shading Dade
Mayra Cruz PhD, UM RosenstIel School

PIANO SLAM Teacher Workshop Videos

STEAM Professional Development Session 8/15/22

ELA Professional Development Session 11/08/22

PD Workshop Vids

PIANO SLAM 2023 Resource Videos

Miami-Dade Heat Check

Paul Hlava Ceballos - Genesis

Resource Vids
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