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Chiaroscuro: The Unevenness of Light and Shade

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics Application

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Name the teacher who introduced you to PIANO SLAM:

What is your “hot music” or musician?

What is the physical difference in sound in John Corigliano’s “Chiaroscuro

Defining “Chiaroscuro” as unevenness of light and shade, give an example of unevenness in the environment near your house or your school.

Extreme heat is defined as 2 or more consecutive days of 90 °F or above on the thermometer with high humidity. The human body feels the physical effects of between 120 °F and 130 °F.


Has extreme heat affected you or someone in your house or school?

Did you attend a PIANO SLAM workshop at your school this year?
If your answer is NO, have you attended a PIANO SLAM workshop in the past?
What kind of music do you like? (You can choose more than one.)
Does your music reflect your heritage?
Have you been to a live concert before?

If yes, who was performing and where did they perform?

What kind of art do you most closely relate to?
Are you considering a career in the music or arts business?

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