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Submissions are now being accepted!

Choose from one of the applications below

$1,000 First Prizes for middle and high school in both categories.

$100 Semifinalist Prizes for middle and high school in both categories.

Content for poems can be selected within the areas of
general language, STEAM, and social studies. 
All poetry must be about music and should refer to
this year’s theme of Chucho Valdes’ Suite Afro Cubana.

Suite Afrocubana to Lico Jimenez - Chucho Valdés
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Piano Slam 2024 Guidelines

  1.  All poetry and creative writing must conform to the rules of Miami Dade County Public Schools.

  2. All poems must be submitted as a Word doc or pdf.

  3. Participating students should listen to and reference Dranoff’s “Variations”, MUSIC or musical terms in their poetry.

  4. All poems must have a reaction or reference to “Variations” and/or your feelings/experience about music in Miami including words regarding the components of music. For example: songs, beat, tunes, rhythm, percussion, sounds, minor, major, acoustic, harmony, rap, rock, soul, Jazz, hip-hop, playlist, lyric, melody, hymn, vocal, anthem, etc.

  5. You may enter a maximum of 2 poems.

  6. If you’re a winner you must attend the virtual rehearsals and the virtual final performance. There may be a chance that you attend live to record your final performance.

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